Tabernacle is an Independent Baptist Church that stands without apology for the fundamentals of the Faith. Our church is a Christ-centered and family-oriented ministry. We invite you to visit us and join with us as we strive to be growing in grace and serving in love.

Some suggest that Tabernacle is a mighty oak of Fundamentalism.  Others have described this ministry as a “Flagship of Fundamentalism.”  Today, we recognize the strength of Tabernacle is the great God that its good people serve.  We give God all the glory for what He has done and will do.  This ministry is as strong as an oak and does sail through storms as a flagship for the Savior; but, most of all, this ministry desires obedience to Christ and conformity to His image as our ultimate goal. 

God continues to do His work here. We would be honored with a personal visit from you. Whether you come to our regularly scheduled services or visit during church office hours, you will find a warm welcome from our members and staff.  This ministry thrives on reaching out to people to give them a solid foundation of Bible truth on which you can grow and serve!