Adults can choose from several classes for Sunday School.  We offer a Ladies’ Class, two Singles’ classes, and several classes for any adult who wants to join in.

 Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

 Ladies' Classes

Ladies' Classes

Choir & Orchestra

The music ministry here at TBC seeks to honor the Lord Jesus Christ through conservative sacred music.  Many church members participate in the choir and/or orchestra, using their gifts and talents for the glory of the Lord.


Adults as well as families can benefit from private counseling to help them overcome particular difficulties or simply to improve their lives.  

Singles Ministry

The singles of our church regularly meet for activities and times of fellowship.  Come join us!

Visitation & Outreach

At Tabernacle we hope to be a light for the Lord Jesus Christ to the community around us.  We regularly schedule times of visitation and outreach so we can share the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.  

OWLS (Older, Wiser, Loving Saints)

While our OWLS may be 55 and over, we are anything but sitting still.  We get together regularly to visit shut-ins, celebrate holidays, see new sites, enjoy retreats, and just spend some time fellowshipping.  We have plenty of activities throughout the year.

Men’s Fellowship

Men's Fellowship enjoys several meetings a year at the church and an annual "Men's Day Out" away from the property.  Each year, the men go to a farm, state park, or body of water where they picnic, skeet shoot and target practice, fish, and enjoy water activities together.
Early Saturday morning prayer breakfasts (8AM-Noon) allow the men and boys to fellowship, pray, and complete work details concerning property maintenance. 


Located in the heart of Hampton Roads, many of our church members are military or former military.  If you are in the military or have been, you will find a warm welcome at our church.  We appreciate the sacrifices that military individuals make. 


Here at Tabernacle we value good music and have musical opportunities for every age group.  Children can participate in the Patch Clubs, learning new songs every month and sharing those songs with the adults in a church service.  Teens and adults can be part of the choir, orchestra, hand chimes, and special vocal groups.

Much, Much More

Many more opportunities to get involved exist.  Come see why Tabernacle is your place to grow and serve